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Fadesk CRM


Hosted on secure & premium cloud servers, your can always rely on Fadesk CRM to help automate & improve your customer relationship processes.


Having worked in the CRM sector for quite a while, we at Fadesk are great at figuring out how & what to automate to help speed up your business.


"We don't build softwares, we help you better your business", that's our motto at Fadesk. That is what puts our CRM ahead the rest of the pack.

What Is A CRM & How Can It Help Your Business?

CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management. It is an application that helps better a company's customer relationship process.

Automation & Manageability help speed up & steamline processes. A CRM aims to do just that with a company's customer relationship process, enabling a business to comprehensively manage & track its lead generation life-cycle, sales targets & customer relationship processes.

What is a CRM
We Serve all Industries

We Serve All Industries

Fadesk CRM is comprehensive & covers almost every business. It can also be customized to perfectly fit your business, so that you can make the most of it. BPOs, Manufacturers, Real Estate Businesses, Hotels, Advertising Businesses, Education Businesses, IT firms etc. you name it, Fadesk CRM will help automate, speed up & improve it.


Other Services

Along with our CRM application, we are also a Creative Software Agency, focused on helping brands grow online

Website Design

In today's technologically savvy world, every business needs to have an online presence to ensure growth. We help businesses do exactly that by creating beautifully impactful websites to get them online.

Application Development

Every now & then, you may need a custom application for a specific purpose. We do have a great attention to detail & a good sense of automation, so we also take up custom application development.

Digital Marketing

A fancy website isn't enough to get you leads from the web. You'll need good SEO & marketing via digital channels to reach leads. We not only create, but also help businesses get their website noticed online.

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